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Vulnerabilities by Vendor Product


IcedTea-Web plug-in Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 87249 IcedTea-Web invoke() Function Applet Event Exception Message Handling Overflow
IcedTea Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 99711 libjpeg / libjpeg-turbo jdmarker.c get_sos Function Unitialized Memory Read Issue
OSVDB ID: 101309 libpng pngrtran.c png_read_transform_info Function Zero-length PLTE Chunk / NULL Palette NULL Pointer Dereference DoS
icedtea-web Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 84362 icedtea-web Non-NUL termination String Malformed Java Applet Handling Memory Corruption
OSVDB ID: 92543 icedtea-web Cross-domain Applet Class Loader Applet Manipulation
OSVDB ID: 92544 icedtea-web JAR File Format Verification Arbitrary Code Execution
icedtea-web Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 84363 icedtea-web getFirstInTableInstance() Function Unitialized Pointer Website Handling Remote Code Execution

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