Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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URL: http://www.zohocorp.com/ [visit link]
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Vulnerabilities by Vendor Product

Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
EventLog Analyzer Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 102270 ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer event/j_security_check j_username Parameter Reflected XSS
DeviceExpert Watch-list
5.6.5 Build 5650
OSVDB ID: 80261 ManageEngine DeviceExpert auth-conf.xml Authentication Credential Remote Disclosure
OSVDB ID: 80262 ManageEngine DeviceExpert ScheduleResultViewer Servlet FileName Parameter Traversal Arbitrary File Access
ManageEngine Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 70140 ManageEngine Syslog Server PRI Message Header Overflow
OSVDB ID: 70141 ManageEngine enableHost.do STATUS Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 70142 ManageEngine globalSettings.do newWindows Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 70143 ManageEngine hostlist.do gld Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 70144 ManageEngine INDEX2.do reported Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 70180 ManageEngine INDEX.do Multiple Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 84592 ManageEngine Email Message Body XSS
Exchange Reporter Plus Watch-list
4.1 build 4141
OSVDB ID: 87316 ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus exchange/SearchReports.do searchText Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 87315 ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus exchange/ReportsIndex.do reportCategoryID Parameter XSS
4.1 build 4141
ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 70869 ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus accounts/ResetResult Direct Access Security Question Bypass
OSVDB ID: 70870 ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus POST Request Manipulation Security Question Weakness
OSVDB ID: 70872 ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus EmployeeSearch.cc Multiple Parameter XSS
ManageEngine OpManager Watch-list
8 build 8721
OSVDB ID: 70018 ManageEngine OpManager reports/Availability.do viewCount Parameter XSS
AssetExplorer Watch-list
5.6.0 build 5610
OSVDB ID: 88183 ManageEngine AssetExplorer Asset Data XSS
ManageEngine DesktopCentral Watch-list
8.0.0 Build 80292
OSVDB ID: 100008 ManageEngine DesktopCentral /agentLogUploader filename Parameter File Upload Remote Code Execution
ManageEngine Applications Manager Watch-list
OSVDB ID: 84566 ManageEngine Applications Manager for Mobile Devices mobile/DetailsView.do groupId Parameter SQL Injection
OSVDB ID: 84568 ManageEngine Applications Manager jsp/RCA.jsp alertconfigurl Parameter SQL Injection
OSVDB ID: 84567 ManageEngine Applications Manager for Mobile Devices mobile/Search.do requestid Parameter SQL Injection
OSVDB ID: 84569 ManageEngine Applications Manager MyPage.do selectedpageid Parameter SQL Injection
OSVDB ID: 84570 ManageEngine Applications Manager ProcessTemplates.do templatetype Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 84571 ManageEngine Applications Manager showresource.do type Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 84572 ManageEngine Applications Manager MyPage.do forpage Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 84573 ManageEngine Applications Manager showCustom.do monitorname Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 79324 ManageEngine Applications Manager fault/AlarmView.do viewId Parameter SQL Injection
OSVDB ID: 79323 ManageEngine Applications Manager AlarmView.do header Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 79322 ManageEngine Applications Manager showHistoryData.do period Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 78721 ManageEngine Applications Manager jsp/PopUp_Graph.jsp attName Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 79325 ManageEngine Applications Manager showHistoryData.do period Parameter SQL Injection
OSVDB ID: 78722 ManageEngine Applications Manager showresource.do Multiple Parameter XSS
ManageEngine ADManager Plus Watch-list
5.2 (Build 5210)
OSVDB ID: 78902 ManageEngine ADManager Plus DomainConfig.do operation Parameter XSS
OSVDB ID: 78901 ManageEngine ADManager Plus jsp/AddDC.jsp domainName Parameter XSS

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