Creditee: X-Cisadane

Known Contact Information:

  • (as of 2013-02-04)

Known Affiliations:

  • None at this time

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (29):

2013-10-15 98610 WebTester /install.php Remote Privilege Escalation
2013-10-15 98609 WebTester Default Admin Credentials
2013-10-15 98608 WebTester /startTest.php TestID Parameter SQL Injection
2013-10-15 98611 WebTester /phpinfo.php Direct Request Information Disclosure
2013-10-15 98598 TinyMCE insert_file.php Arbitrary File Upload
2013-03-07 91005 MLS Property Finder /update/ URI Remote Privilege Escalation
2013-02-04 89840 Free Monthly Websites /admin/index.php Input Type Field Manipulation Authentication Bypass
2013-02-04 89839 Free Monthly Websites /admin/add_main_pages.php File Upload Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-11-04 87527 AwAuctionScript listing.php category Parameter XSS
2012-11-04 87526 AwAuctionScript sell-your-site.php Multiple Field XSS
2012-11-04 87525 AwAuctionScript edit-account.php File Upload PHP Code Execution
2012-11-04 87524 AwAuctionScript listing.php PageNo Parameter SQL Injection
2012-11-04 87523 AwAuctionScript Admin Login Page XSS
2012-09-26 85820 Smartfren Connex EC1261 Insecure File Permission Arbitrary File Overwrite Local Privilege Escalation
2012-08-25 85262 Silver Lake Shopper News displaynews.php id Parameter XSS
2012-08-25 85263 Silver Lake Shopper News displaynews.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-08-13 84763 Winamp File Browser HTML File Handling Memory Corruption DoS
2012-07-27 84325 SocialEngine /classifieds/create tags Parameter XSS
2012-07-27 84326 SocialEngine /videos/create tags Parameter XSS
2012-07-27 84322 SocialEngine signup Profile Address Field XSS
2012-05-31 82379 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) office.php langid Parameter XSS
2012-05-30 82378 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) publisher.php id Parameter XSS
2012-05-30 82376 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) go.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-05-30 82375 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) publisher.php id Parameter SQL Injection
2012-05-30 82374 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) office.php Multiple Parameter SQL Injection
2012-05-30 82372 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) search.php s Parameter XSS
2012-05-30 82377 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) login.php Account Field SQL Injection Authentication Bypass
2012-05-30 82373 Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) Activate Account Page Multiple Field XSS
2012-05-19 82055 Vertrigoserv File Upload Local Privilege Escalation

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