Creditee: Mariusz Mlynski

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Disclosed Vulnerabilities (19):

2014-03-12 104593 2014-1510 Mozilla Products dom/base/nsGlobalWindow.cpp Privileged Content Loading Arbitrary Code Execution
2014-03-12 104594 2014-1511 Mozilla Products nsHTMLDocument::Open() Function Popup Blocker Bypass Weakness
2013-06-25 94587 2013-1687 Mozilla Multiple Product Unspecified Element XBL Scope User-Defined Function Handling Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-06-25 94586 Mozilla Multiple Product Chrome Object Wrappers (COW) Bypass XSS Weakness
2013-06-25 94585 2013-1688 Mozilla Firefox Profiler UI Rendering Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-04-02 91882 2013-0793 Mozilla Multiple Products Timed History Navigation XSS
2013-01-08 89019 2013-0757 Mozilla Multiple Product Object Prototype Manipulation Chrome Object Wrappers (COW) Bypass Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-01-08 89020 2013-0758 Mozilla Multiple Product Plugin Object SVG Element Interaction Chrome Privileged Page Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-11-20 87585 2012-4209 Mozilla Multiple Product location Property Shadowing XSS Weakness
2012-11-20 87584 2012-4210 Mozilla Firefox Style Inspector Stylesheet Handling Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-10-26 86774 2012-4194 Mozilla Multiple Product window.location Object valueOf Method Shadowing XSS Weakness
2012-10-09 86112 2012-3992 Mozilla Multiple Product location.hash Property Handling Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-10-09 86113 2012-4184 Mozilla Multiple Product Chrome Object Wrapper (COW) Standard Prototype Property Accessing Weakness Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-10-09 86110 2012-3994 Mozilla Multiple Product Binary Plugin location Property Handling XSS Weakness
2012-10-09 86111 2012-3993 Mozilla Multiple Product InstallTrigger Failure Chrome Object Wrapper (COW) Error Handling Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-08-28 84990 2012-1956 Mozilla Multiple Product Object.defineProperty window.location Shadowing XSS Weakness
2012-08-28 84991 2012-3965 Mozilla Firefox Crafted about:newtab Context Handling Privileged Code Execution
2012-07-17 83996 2012-1955 Mozilla Multiple Product History Navigation Handling URL Bar Spoofing
2012-03-13 80015 2012-0458 Mozilla Multiple Product javascript: Home Page Handling about:sessionrestore Content Script Code Execution

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