Creditee: Dmitriy Evdokimov

Known Contact Information:

  • (as of 2011-03-09)

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Disclosed Vulnerabilities (20):

2013-11-12 100954 2013-7096 SAP MOB-APP-EMR-AND Component Multiple Unspecified SQL Injection
2013-09-01 100004 2013-6816 SAP Agent Framework (SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-AGT) JavaDumpService Servlet Unspecified Reflected XSS
2013-09-01 99119 SAP Lock Concept Standalone Enqueue Server (BC-CST-EQ) Unspecified Information Disclosure
2013-09-01 99120 2013-6816 SAP Agent Framework (SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-AGT) DataCollector Servlet Unspecified Stored XSS
2012-02-18 79438 2012-4924 Net4Switch ipswcom.dll ActiveX Control cxcmrt.dll CxDbgPrint() Function Alert() Method Debug Message String Creation Remote Overflow
2012-01-20 78540 SAP NetWeaver bcbadmSettings.jsp Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-08-19 74690 2011-5263 SAP NetWeaver RetrieveMailExamples Servlet server Parameter XSS
2011-06-17 73195 SAP NetWeaver performanceProviderRoot testServlet test Parameter XSS
2011-06-17 73196 SAP NetWeaver Trust Center Service Deployer Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-04-12 71835 SAP NetWeaver cas_validate.jsp Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-04-12 71836 SAP NetWeaver pst_enter.jsp archivepath Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71134 SAP NetWeaver SOAP Adapter HelperServlet action Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71139 SAP NetWeaver ShowMemLog servlet Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71136 SAP NetWeaver CheckService servlet Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71137 SAP NetWeaver ExportabilityCheck servlet Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71138 SAP NetWeaver ViewCaches servlet XiDynPage_ThreadId Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71140 SAP NetWeaver error_msg.jsp id Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71141 SAP NetWeaver ViewCaches.jsp refresh Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71142 SAP NetWeaver ViewLogger.jsp logger Parameter XSS
2011-03-09 71143 SAP NetWeaver ShowMemLog servlet class Parameter XSS

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