Creditee: Saif El-Sherei

Known Contact Information:

  • None at this time

Known Affiliations:

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Disclosed Vulnerabilities (15):

2011-12-11 77633 UPM Polls Plugin for WordPress wp-admin/admin-ajax.php PID Parameter SQL Injection
2011-06-17 73110 WeBid adsearch.php maxprice Parameter SQL Injection
2011-04-21 71989 Zenphoto zp-core/admin.php X-Forwarded-For HTTP Header XSS
2011-02-24 71236 Relevanssi Plugin for WordPress index.php s Parameter XSS
2011-02-24 71163 GigPress Plugin for WordPress Notes Field XSS
2011-02-20 70938 Icy Phoenix index.php Referer Header XSS
2011-02-19 70966 MySQL Eventum preferences.php full_name Parameter XSS
2011-02-08 70839 Auto Database System Module for PHP-Fusion infusions/car_list_panel/search.php SEARCHSTRING Parameter SQL Injection
2011-01-26 72878 NinkoBB message.php Topic Subject Field XSS
2011-01-22 70595 2011-0641 StatPressCN Plugin for Wordpress wp-admin/admin.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2011-01-20 72225 statspressCN Plugin for Wordpress search Keywords XSS
2011-01-16 70451 2011-0512 Teams Structure Module for PHP-Fusion team.php team_id Parameter SQL Injection
2011-01-15 70488 Geeklog Forum Plugin public_html/include/gf_format.php BBcode Tags XSS
2011-01-15 72073 glFusion BBCode img Tag XSS
2011-01-12 72009 LifeType index.php show Parameter XSS

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