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Disclosed Vulnerabilities (21):

2014-03-11 104309 2014-0313 Microsoft IE CSS Property / Unicode Character Handling Heap Buffer Overflow
2014-02-11 103160 2014-0263 Microsoft Windows Direct2D Crafted 2D Geometric Figure Handling Memory Corruption
2013-07-09 94975 2013-3150 Microsoft IE CElement Object setCapture Event Handling Use-after-free Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-06-11 94112 2013-3118 Microsoft IE CSVGMaskElement Double-free Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-06-11 94118 2013-3124 Microsoft IE SmartDispClient Type Confusion Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-06-11 94119 2013-3125 Microsoft IE CTreePos Object Handling Use-After-Free Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-02-12 90119 2013-0022 Microsoft IE LsGetTrailInfo Use-after-free Arbitrary Code Execution
2013-02-12 90115 2013-0018 Microsoft IE SetCapture Method Handling Use-after-free Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-07-10 83652 2012-1524 Microsoft IE Attribute Removal Handling Memory Corruption
2012-05-08 81728 2012-0141 Microsoft Office Excel Excel File Handling Memory Corruption
2012-05-08 81727 2012-0142 Microsoft Office Excel OBJECTLINK Record Excel File Handling Memory Corruption
2012-05-08 81725 2012-0184 Microsoft Office Excel SLXI Record Excel File Handling Memory Corruption
2012-05-08 81736 2012-0165 Microsoft Windows GDI+ EMF File Record Handling Remote Code Execution
2012-03-28 80743 2011-3065 Google Skia MaskSuperBlitter::CanHandleRect Function Memory Corruption
2011-09-13 75387 2011-1990 Microsoft Office Excel DataFormat Handling Signedness Error Arbitrary Code Execution
2011-08-16 74544 2011-2945 RealPlayer SIPR Unspecified Overflow
2011-06-15 72925 2011-1277 Microsoft Office Excel File Handling Unspecified Memory Corruption
2011-06-15 72922 2011-1274 Microsoft Office Excel Out of Bounds Array Access Unspecified Arbitrary Code Execution
2010-12-10 69847 2010-4386 RealPlayer Multiple Products Crafted RealMedia Video File Memory Corruption
2010-12-10 69848 2010-4387 RealPlayer Multiple Products RealAudio Codec RealMedia File Audio Stream Memory Corruption
2010-10-12 68571 2010-3232 Microsoft Office Excel File Format Parsing Remote Code Execution

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