Creditee: Haifei Li

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Disclosed Vulnerabilities (18):

2013-04-29 93007 Adobe Reader PDF Tracking Information Disclosure Weakness
2013-01-15 89483 2013-1361 Lenovo Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2012-06-08 82721 2012-2036 Adobe Flash Player Unspecified Overflow (2012-2036)
2012-05-15 81960 2011-3098 Google Chrome for Windows NPAPI Plugins Search Path Subversion Local Privilege Escalation
2011-04-12 71767 2011-0107 Microsoft Office Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2011-02-08 71373 2011-0570 Adobe Reader / Acrobat Unspecified Library Loading Code Execution (2011-0570)
2011-02-08 70833 2011-0038 Microsoft IE Insecure Library Loading Remote Code Execution
2010-12-14 69816 2010-3966 Microsoft Windows BranchCache Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2010-11-10 69089 2010-3337 Microsoft Office Insecure Library Loading Remote Code Execution
2010-01-21 61913 2010-0247 Microsoft IE HTML Object Handling Unspecified Memory Corruption
2009-10-13 58914 2009-3460 Adobe Acrobat Unspecified Memory Corruption (2009-3460)
2009-07-13 55806 2009-1136 Microsoft Office Web Components OWC10.Spreadsheet ActiveX msDataSourceObject() Method Memory Corruption
2009-06-09 54946 2009-1141 Microsoft IE DHTML tr Element Handling Crafted Method Memory Corruption
2009-04-14 53665 2009-0100 Microsoft Office Excel Malformed Object Handling Memory Corruption
2009-02-23 52695 2009-0238 Microsoft Office Excel Crafted Document Invalid Object Reference Unspecified Code Execution
2008-05-13 45033 2008-0119 Microsoft Publisher Object Handler Header Data Validation Arbitrary Code Execution
2007-05-08 34404 2007-2221 Microsoft IE Media Service Component Arbitrary File Rewrite
2006-07-05 27113 2006-3587 Adobe Flash Player Unspecified Arbitrary Code Execution

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