Creditee: Moritz Naumann

Known Contact Information:

  • (as of 2005-11-09)

Known Affiliations:

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (10):

2013-01-28 89606 2013-0234 Elgg action/widgets/save params[twitter_username] Parameter XSS
2010-10-05 68526 SquirrelMail plugins/vkeyboard/vkeyboard.php passformname Parameter XSS
2010-08-10 66985 2010-1882 Microsoft Windows MPEG Layer-3 Audio Stream Decoding Overflow
2009-11-25 61539 Cacti Admin Interface Arbitrary Remote Command Execution
2009-11-22 60566 2009-4032
Cacti graph.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2009-11-22 60483 2009-4032 Cacti lib/timespan_settings.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2009-11-22 60565 2009-4032 Cacti include/top_graph_header.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2009-11-22 60564 2009-4032 Cacti lib/html_form.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2005-11-09 20710 2005-3528 TikiWiki view_forum_thread.php topics_offset Parameter XSS
2005-11-09 20711 2005-3529 TikiWiki tiki-view_forum_thread.php topics_sort_mode Parameter Path Disclosure

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