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Disclosed Vulnerabilities (15):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2012-02-25 79662 Sony
LibreSource home/development/bug action Parameter XSS
2012-02-19 79425 Sony
Jamroom user.php user_action Parameter XSS
2012-02-17 79409 2012-5321 Sony
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware tiki-featured_link.php url Parameter XSS
2012-02-17 79405 Sony
MoniWiki wiki.php login_id Parameter XSS
2012-02-16 79337 Sony
Jenkins user/<user name>/submitDescription description Parameter XSS
2012-02-16 80211 Sony
ButorWiki sso/signin service Parameter XSS
2012-02-12 79596 2012-1213 Sony
Zimbra Web Client zimbra/h/calendar view Parameter XSS
2012-02-10 79271 2012-1212 Sony
Semantic MediaWiki Halo Extension index.php/Special:FormEdit target Parameter smwfOnSfSetTargetName() Function XSS
2012-02-04 78890 2012-1019 Sony
XWiki Enterprise xwiki/bin/commentadd/Main/WebHome XWiki.XWikiComments_comment Parameter XSS
2012-02-04 78891 2012-1019 Sony
XWiki Enterprise Profile Editing XWiki.XWikiUsers_0_company Parameter XSS
2012-02-03 78827 2012-1004 Sony
Foswiki UI/ Multiple Parameter XSS
2012-01-31 78664 2012-0979 Sony
TWiki User Manipulation Organization Field XSS
2012-01-30 78723 Sony
GForge Community Edition / Advanced Server gf/user/gforgeadmin/userfiles/my/admin/ Multiple Parameter XSS
2012-01-30 78724 Sony
GForge Community Edition / Advanced Server gf/admin/popups/ words Parameter XSS
2012-01-05 78192 2012-5104 Sony
UBB.threads forums/ubbthreads.php Loginname Parameter XSS

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