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Creditees currently or formerly associated with Personal (6):
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Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2006-04-19N1V1Hd $3c41r31
2009-10-27Justin Morehouse1
2010-04-14Patrick Broens1

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (12):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2011-10-12 85439 kingcope
JBoss Application Server Multiple Remote Code Execution
2011-10-11 85440 kingcope
JBoss Application Server Remote Authentication Bypass
2010-04-14 63705 Patrick Broens
TYPO3 Tip-A-Friend Extension class.tx_tipafriend.php Unspecified Parameter XSS
2010-03-07 62809 2010-1132 kingcope
SpamAssassin Milter Plugin spamass-milter.cpp mlfi_envrcpt Function Arbitrary Shell Command Execution
2010-01-12 61634 2010-0356 shinnai
Movie Player Pro SDK MOVIEPLAYER.MoviePlayerCtrl.1 ActiveX (MoviePlayer.ocx) DrawText() Method Overflow
2009-10-27 59440 2009-3733 Tony Flick
Justin Morehouse
VMware Multiple Products sdk Path HTTP Request Directory Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2008-08-27 47866 2008-3878 shinnai
Ultra.Office ActiveX (OfficeCtrl.ocx) HttpUpload() Method Overflow
2007-05-22 41057 2007-2897 kingcope
Microsoft IIS w/ .NET MS-DOS Device Request Blacklist Bypass
2006-12-19 34830 2006-6659 shinnai
Microsoft Outlook Recipient ActiveX (ole32.dll) Crafted HTML DoS
2006-06-07 26214 2006-2926 kingcope
WinGate WWW Proxy Server URL Processing Overflow
2006-04-19 25002 2006-2081
N1V1Hd $3c41r3
Oracle Database DBMS_EXPORT_EXTENSION Package SQL Injection
2004-11-11 62442 KaGra
WinFTP Server Multiple Command Pre-authentication Remote DoS

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