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Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) (1)


Creditees currently or formerly associated with Soroush Dalili's Site (1):
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Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2009-12-24Soroush Dalili12

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (12):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2013-04-25 103858 2013-7332 Soroush Dalili
Microsoft IE ActiveX (Microsoft.XMLDOM) Crafted XML Document Handling Resource Consumption DoS
2013-04-25 93005 2013-7331 Soroush Dalili
Microsoft IE MSXML XMLDOM Object Local File Enumeration Weakness
2012-11-21 87823 2012-6073 Soroush Dalili
Jenkins Unspecified Arbitrary Site Redirect
2012-11-21 87824 2012-6074 Soroush Dalili
Jenkins Build Description Unspecified XSS
2012-11-20 87822 2012-6072 Soroush Dalili
Jenkins Unspecified HTTP Response Splitting
2012-06-29 83771 Soroush Dalili
Microsoft IIS Tilde Character Request Parsing File / Folder Name Information Disclosure
2012-06-29 83720 Soroush Dalili
Microsoft .NET Framework Crafted Tilde (~) Request Resource Consumption Remote DoS
2012-03-13 80011 2012-0455 Soroush Dalili
Mozilla Multiple Product Drag and Drop Action XSS Weakness
2011-03-16 71250 2011-1569 Soroush Dalili
Douran Portal download.aspx FileNameAttach Parameter Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2010-06-30 98390 Soroush Dalili
Opera scrollTop / scrollLeft Properties Cross-site Information Disclosure
2010-03-04 98274 Soroush Dalili
Microsoft IE iframe Delay Remote Drive Enumeration
2009-12-24 61294 2009-4444 Soroush Dalili
Microsoft IIS ASP Crafted semicolon Extension Security Bypass

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