Affiliation/Organization: Nth Dimension

Time to Patch Stats

For vulnerabilities disclosed through this affiliation where we have sufficient data to calculate the time to patch (2 vulns), the following statistics apply:

Min Time To Patch:7 days
Avg Time To Patch:135 days
Max Time To Patch:263 days

Other Affiliations

Creditees Affiliated with Nth Dimension have also affiliated with:

OpenVAS (1)
Portcullis Computer Security Ltd (1)


Creditees currently or formerly associated with Nth Dimension (1):
(ordered by association date)

Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2002-07-25Tim Brown56

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (56):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2014-03-10 104397 2014-2534 cenobyte
Tim Brown
QNX pppoectl -f Argument Handling Local Information Disclosure
2014-03-10 104436 2014-2533 cenobyte
Tim Brown
QNX ifwatchd Arrival-Script Handling Local Privilege Escalation
2012-12-01 88088 2012-5828 Tim Brown
BlackBerry PlayBook file:// Handler Location Header Arbitrary File Disclosure
2012-10-26 86854 2012-5195 Tim Brown
Perl memset() Function String Repeat Operator Handling Overflow
2012-10-10 86847 2012-4512 Tim Brown
KDE Konqueror khtml/css/cssparser.cpp CSS Font Face Source Handling Overflow
2012-10-10 86825 2012-4513 Tim Brown
KDE Konqueror khtml/imload/scaledimageplane.h Canvas Dimension Handling Overflow
2012-10-10 86826 2012-4515 Tim Brown
KDE Konqueror khtml/rendering/render_replaced.cpp Iframe Context Menu Widget Rendering Use-after-free Arbitrary Code Execution
2012-10-10 86827 2012-4514 Tim Brown
KDE Konqueror Unspecified NULL Pointer Dereference DoS
2011-10-03 76016 2011-3365 Tim Brown
KDE KSSL Certificate Text Format CN Field RTF Data Parsing Certificate Spoofing Weakness
2011-10-03 76021 2011-3366 Tim Brown
rekonq Certificate Text Format CN Field RTF Data Parsing Certificate Spoofing Weakness
2011-07-26 76136 2011-3367 Tim Brown
Arora Certificate Text Format CN Field RTF Data Parsing Certificate Spoofing Weakness
2011-07-26 76137 Tim Brown
Psi Certificate Text Format CN Field RTF Data Parsing Certificate Spoofing Weakness
2011-07-25 74180 2011-2725 Tim Brown
KDE kdeutils Ark Traversal Arbitrary File Deletion
2011-06-29 76456 2011-4061 Tim Brown
IBM DB2 Tivoli Monitoring Agent (ITMA) db2rspgn Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2011-06-29 76457 2011-4061 Tim Brown
IBM DB2 Tivoli Monitoring Agent (ITMA) kbbacf1 Path Subversion Arbitrary DLL Injection Code Execution
2011-03-23 71876 2011-1168 Tim Brown
KDE Konqueror khtml/khtml_part.cpp KHTMLPart::htmlError() Function Error Page XSS
2011-03-10 71784 2011-4060 Tim Brown
QNX Neutrino RTOS LD_DEBUG_OUTPUT Environment Variable Arbitrary File Overwrite
2011-02-15 91166 Tim Brown
Google Android on Sony Erricson X10 Emergency Dialer Function Race Condition Screen Lock Bypass
2010-08-30 67964 2010-2952 Tim Brown
Apache Traffic Server Transaction ID / Source Port Randomization Weakness DNS Cache Poisoning
2010-08-17 67276 Tim Brown
Linux-PAM pam_xauth Module Incorrect Return Value Check Privilege Escalation
2010-07-18 66568 2010-2536 Tim Brown
rekonq Error Page URI XSS
2010-03-29 67670 2009-2936 Tim Brown
Varnish Server CLI Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
2009-12-07 66841 2009-4975 Tim Brown
QtDemoBrowser webview.cpp Nonexistent Domain Name XSS
2009-07-06 56477 2009-2354 Tim Brown
NullLogic Groupware Login Page auth_checkpass Function username Parameter SQL Injection
2009-07-06 56476 2009-2355 Tim Brown
NullLogic Groupware Forum Module fmessagelist Function DoS
2009-07-06 56475 2009-2356 Tim Brown
NullLogic Groupware pgsqlQuery Function Remote Overflow
2009-07-06 56465 2009-2357 Tim Brown
TekRADIUS Default Configuration sa Account Use
2009-07-05 55832 2009-2359 Tim Brown
TekRADIUS Users GUI Browse Users SQL Injection
2009-07-05 55833 2009-2359 Tim Brown
TekRADIUS trcli -r Command Line Argument SQL Injection
2009-04-12 55773 2009-2358 Tim Brown
TekRADIUS TekRADIUS.ini Permission Weakness Database Credentials Local Disclosure
2008-09-24 48912 2008-4318 Tim Brown
Observer whois.php query Variable Arbitrary Shell Command Execution
2008-09-24 48913 2008-4318 Tim Brown
Observer netcmd.php query Variable Arbitrary Shell Command Execution
2007-11-20 38835 2007-6100 Tim Brown
phpMyAdmin index.php convcharset Parameter XSS
2007-10-18 41110 2007-5694 Tim Brown
SiteBar translator.php dir Parameter Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2007-10-18 41355 2007-5692 Tim Brown
SiteBar integrator.php lang Parameter XSS
2007-10-18 41356 2007-5692 Tim Brown
SiteBar New Password Action token Parameter XSS
2007-10-18 41357 2007-5692 Tim Brown
SiteBar Folder Properties Action nid_acl Parameter XSS
2007-10-18 41358 2007-5692 Tim Brown
SiteBar command.php Modify User Action uid Parameter XSS
2007-10-18 41359 2007-5692 Tim Brown
SiteBar index.php target Parameter XSS
2007-10-18 41581 2007-5695 Tim Brown
SiteBar command.php forward Variable Arbitrary Site Redirect
2007-10-18 43604 2007-5693 Tim Brown
Translation Module for SiteBar (translator.php) upd cmd Action edit Variable Arbitrary PHP Code Execution
2007-10-18 43760 2007-5492 Tim Brown
Translation Module for SiteBar (translator.php) value Variable Arbitrary PHP Code Execution
2007-06-10 37165 2007-3189 Tim Brown
JFFNMS auth.php user Parameter XSS
2007-06-10 37166 2007-3190 Tim Brown
JFFNMS auth.php Multiple Parameter SQL Injection
2007-06-10 37167 2007-3191 Tim Brown
JFFNMS admin/adm/test.php PHP Information Disclosure
2007-06-10 37168 2007-3192 Tim Brown
JFFNMS admin/setup.php Direct Request Authentication Bypass
2007-05-02 36159 Tim Brown
D-Link DSL-G624T home_RelaodHref.htm var:RelaodHref Parameter XSS
2007-03-11 38622 2007-4074 Tim Brown
Konstantine Shirow
CSTR Festival on Linux Unauthenticated Arbitrary Command Execution
2007-02-06 33116 2007-0838 Tim Brown
FreeProxy Self Referencing Host Header DoS
2006-07-22 27446 2006-3848 Tim Brown
IP Calculator Wrapper REQUEST_URI XSS
2005-08-13 19268 2005-2583 Tim Brown
Mentor ADSL-FR4II Router Undocumented Administration Server
2005-07-19 18751 2005-2584 Tim Brown
BONA ADSL-FR4II Router Default Null Administrator Password
2005-07-19 18752 2005-2585 Tim Brown
BONA ADSL-FR4II Router TCP Connection Saturation DoS
2005-07-19 18753 2005-2586 Tim Brown
BONA ADSL-FR4II Router Config File Cleartext Admin Password Storage
2002-11-12 59173 2002-2399 Tim Brown
W3Mail viewAttachment.cgi file Parameter Traversal Arbitrary File Access
2002-07-25 59547 2002-2331 Tim Brown
W3Mail Crafted MIME Attachment Upload Arbitrary Code Execution

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