Time to Patch Stats

For vulnerabilities disclosed through this affiliation where we have sufficient data to calculate the time to patch (4 vulns), the following statistics apply:

Min Time To Patch:140 days
Avg Time To Patch:140 days
Max Time To Patch:140 days

Other Affiliations

Creditees Affiliated with have also affiliated with:


Creditees currently or formerly associated with (2):
(ordered by association date)

Known SinceNameVulns Through Affiliation
2002-02-24security curmudgeon45

Disclosed Vulnerabilities (46):

Discl. DateOSVDB IDCVE IDCrediteesTitle
2014-01-19 102266 security curmudgeon
Mr. Number for Android Screenlock Bypass Weakness
2009-11-20 60367 security curmudgeon
Bes-mcmf Search Field XSS
2009-11-20 60364 security curmudgeon
Blahz-DNS listing/login.php Primary Name field XSS
2009-11-20 60377 Lyger
McAfee SecurityCenter Product Registration Local Cleartext Credential Disclosure
2008-12-01 50321 2008-3057 security curmudgeon
Oempro HTTPS Session Cookie Secure Flag Weakness
2008-12-01 50322 2008-3058 security curmudgeon
Oempro index.php FormValue_Email Parameter SQL Injection Authentication Bypass
2008-12-01 50324 2008-3059 security curmudgeon
Oempro /member/settings_account.php Cleartext Password Disclosure
2008-12-01 50323 2008-3058 security curmudgeon
Oempro /client/campaign_track.php FormValue_SearchKeywords Parameter SQL Injection
2008-04-03 90794 security curmudgeon
TotalCalendar validcode.php inc_dir Parameter Remote File Inclusion
2008-04-03 90795 security curmudgeon
Claroline tracking/userLog.php rootSys Parameter Remote File Inclusion
2008-04-03 90796 security curmudgeon
Contenido CMS /frontend/news.php cfg[path][includes] Parameter Remote File Inclusion
2007-04-26 34154 2007-2353 security curmudgeon
Apache Axis Nonexistent Java Web Service Path Disclosure
2006-03-29 24236 2006-1436 security curmudgeon
@1 Event Publisher eventpublisher_usersubmit.htm Multiple Parameter XSS
2006-03-29 24237 2006-1437 security curmudgeon
@1 Event Publisher eventpublisher.txt Direct Request Private Comment Disclosure
2006-03-29 24238 2006-1795 security curmudgeon
@1 Table Publisher tablepublisher.cgi Title of Table Field XSS
2006-03-28 24255 2006-1435 security curmudgeon
ARIA (Accounting Receiving and Inventory Administration) genmessage.php Message Field XSS
2006-03-28 24302 2006-1433 security curmudgeon
Annuaire (Directory) /include/lang-en.php Direct Request Path Disclosure
2006-03-28 24303 2006-1434 security curmudgeon
Annuaire (Directory) inscription.php Comment Field XSS
2006-03-27 24149 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php newProject.php Multiple Field XSS
2006-03-27 24150 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php newList.php Multiple Field XSS
2006-03-27 24151 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php newWaitingOn.php Multiple Field XSS
2006-03-27 24152 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php newChecklist.php Title Field XSS
2006-03-27 24153 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php newContext.php Title Field XSS
2006-03-27 24154 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php newCategory.php Category Name Field XSS
2006-03-27 24155 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php newGoal.php Title Field XSS
2006-03-27 24156 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php listReport.php listTitle Parameter XSS
2006-03-27 24157 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php projectReport.php projectName Parameter XSS
2006-03-27 24158 2006-1479 security curmudgeon
gtd-php checklistReport.php checklistTitle Parameter XSS
2006-03-27 24235 2006-1436 security curmudgeon
@1 Event Publisher eventpublisher_admin.htm Multiple Parameter XSS
2006-03-27 24310 2006-1438 security curmudgeon
Andy's PHP Knowledgebase (aphpkb) index.php keyword_list Parameter XSS
2006-03-27 24311 2006-1438 security curmudgeon
Andy's PHP Knowledgebase (aphpkb) submit_article.php Multiple Parameter XSS
2006-03-19 23958 2006-1976 security curmudgeon
Prayer Request Board (PRB) addRequest.php Request Field XSS
2006-03-02 32388 security curmudgeon
Valdersoft Shopping Cart common.php Direct Request Path Disclosure
2005-11-16 20878 security curmudgeon
Barracuda Spam Firewall User Interface Multiple Field XSS
2005-11-16 20879 security curmudgeon
Barracuda Spam Firewall Hashed Password Disclosure
2005-10-13 20033 2005-4703 security curmudgeon
Apache Tomcat MS-DOS Device Request Error Message Path Disclosure
2005-08-04 18533 security curmudgeon
Whois.Cart admin/domain_add.php Domain Name XSS
2005-08-04 18534 security curmudgeon
Whois.Cart admin/hosts_add.php Multiple Field XSS
2005-08-04 18535 security curmudgeon
Whois.Cart admin/hosting.php Add Line Field XSS
2005-08-04 18536 security curmudgeon
Whois.Cart admin/info.php Information Disclosure
2005-04-24 15754 2005-1309 security curmudgeon
bBlog Blog Entry Title XSS
2005-04-24 15755 2005-1309 security curmudgeon
bBlog Blog/Comment Body XSS
2005-04-24 15756 2005-1310 security curmudgeon
bBlog index.php postid Parameter SQL Injection
2004-11-27 12143 security curmudgeon
SecretSanta SecretSanta.php Malformed Input Remote Path Disclosure
2004-08-05 8323 security curmudgeon
TBP Mozilla Extension Cross-tab URL HREF Remote Information Disclosure
2002-02-24 4081 2002-0324 security curmudgeon
Greymatter Remote Admin Account Compromise

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